Smack's 10 Question Showdown

1- What is your name?
Steven Robert McMurray, very Scottish, Born in Sheffield
2- where were you born?
In the lift on the way up to ward H, Jessops Hospital!
3- What is your favorite piece of gear and why?
The Ludwig LM402, if it was good enough for Bonham…..
4- What are your musical influences?
I grew up listening to drums first and then enjoying the music that surrounded drums second. So have been massively influenced by Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden in the early years. That said I had been to see Dire Straits three times before I was 19 so maybe they were more important that I think.
5- What is your favorite album?
I'm not loyal at all but right now its Patrick Wilson, Adventures In Your Own Backyard… Classics to me are Led Zepp IV, Alchemy Live, Live after Death and Brothers in Arms.
6- what's your musical guilty pleasure?
I used to think Country music until I joined Fargo
7- The one object you would save in a house fire?
The box file with all my insurance documents in.
8- What's your favorite Fargo song to play?
Line n Go and Man like me.
9- Funniest/weirdest moment on stage?
Managed to hit my eye socket with my own drum stick, blacked out for a nano second and lots of blood dripped into my eye which I couldn’t see out of. At the same gig a group of (more mature ladies) decided to throw G-Strings at me. apparently they had been bought for that specific reason.
10- Chocolate or Kebab? Beer or Wine?
Chocolate and Beer, I seem to eat too much chocolate and don't drink enough beer…. I am thankful for my time with Fargo for introducing me to Bear State IPA.