The gear we love

Here we'll share with you the gear we love, the things that contribute to the sound of The Fargo Railroad Co. and where you can find them. We don't have any endorsement deals, these are just a few of our favourite things and we thought you might like to know.

Replay Acoustics

If you, like us, believe Jo's Gibson Acoustic to be a thing of rare beauty, and, wonder where she came from, you need to check out our good friend Tony's website at Replay Acoustics. Every guitar has a story and every guitar is unique.

Shuker Bass Guitars

Andy never leaves home without at least one of his custom Shuker basses.

Barefaced Cabs

A revolution has occurred, Andy is in the process of switching from the heretofore ever present Orange Cabs to a slinky, sexy Barefaced 610!

Mojo Pickups

Andy has fallen for the sweet sound of these hand wound custom beauties and the Shuker stable are all gradually being revoiced with these.