AndyP's 10 Question Showdown

1- What is your name?

Andy P Davison (AndyP / APD / PBQ)

2- where were you born?

Chesterfield, born and bred

3- What is your favorite piece of gear and why?

Andy's Fender Tele is so beautiful, it feels like I'm playing a harp in heaven, also my EH Soul Preacher pedal has inspired my work for years.

4- What are your musical influences?

Blues from the Mississippi Delta and Hill Country mainly. And music up to the end of the 60s, anything after that has to be influenced by the 60s

5- What is your favorite album?

Bringing it All Back Home - Dylan. Every track is beautiful and poetic.

6- what's your musical guilty pleasure?

Pop Punk from the 90s

7- The one object you would save in a house fire?

I'm crazily sentimental, so the box in my cupboard that has all my cherished memories in. The rest are just objects that can be replaced

8- What's your favorite Fargo song to play?

Drinking Game; the intro, the words, the melody, the chorus, the guitar solo, the way I watch the audience when we play it and the smiles on their faces

9-  Funniest/weirdest moment on stage?


10- Chocolate or Kebab? Beer or Wine?

My body is a temple, but chocolate, and beer, though my actual choices would be cheesecake and rum!