Andy's 10 Question Showdown

1- What is your name?

Andy, I do have a middle name but not many people know it and I can't remember how to spell it.

2- where were you born?

Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

3- What is your favorite piece of gear and why?

My Shuker basses, not only are they things of beauty but the feel and sound is perfect for me.

4- What are your musical influences?

Somewhat varied...RHCP, Weather Report, Tower of Power, James Jamerson (Motown funk brothers), Led Zeppelin, Faith No More, Therapy?, Queensryche, Tool, Guns & Roses, Eagles, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, .38 Special, Blackfoot, Blackberry Smoke, Neil Young...the list goes on.

5- What is your favorite album?

Depends on what day it is, what the weather is doing and how I'm feeling?
Counting Crows - August & everything after.
American Aquarium - Wolves.
Pearl Jam - Ten.

Jason Isbell - Southeastern.

6- what's your musical guilty pleasure?

Don't have one, everything I listen to is awesome and guilt free, except maybe an occasional 90's industrial binge...

7- The one object you would save in a house fire?

Sadly it's probably my phone as my whole diary and everything live on it so I'd have no idea where to be or when if I didn't have it.

8- What's your favorite Fargo song to play?

Oh you can't ask me that, i love playing pretty much every song for you guys. I am really looking forward to playing you the new ones we're working on!?

9- Funniest/weirdest moment on stage?

That one time when we had a total wardrobe malfunction and Jo really upset the front row...?
...actually, we played Conisbrough Music Festival recently and they had a noisy smoke machine with an enthusiastic operator, so much so that we didn't see Smack very much during the was like Gorillas in the mist!

10- Chocolate or Kebab? Beer or Wine?

Yes please.