Short bio

Sheffield, the steel city in the north of England with a rich vein of musical and artistic talent; from Joe Cocker, Def Leppard, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, to Michael Palin, Dominic West, Sean Bean and Brian Glover, also has spawned bearded southern rock extraordinaires The Fargo Railroad Co.
Harking back to the roots of country rock and blues, with touches of Lynryd Skynrd, Allman Brothers, Little Feat and the 70s sound of Cash, Young and Dylan, they appeal to the contemporary Blackberry Smoke and Jason Isbell fan bases.
They are one of the hardest working bands around, touring and recording their songs of life’s trials and triumphs, in a traditional line up of acoustic and electric guitars, drums and bass. With two studio and a live album already in their back catalogue, shows in every part of the UK, two tours abroad, a UK support tour for Hayseed Dixie, and a constant sale of trucker caps and t-shirts, they are next releasing their latest album, Time and Grace, in the spring of 2024.
(last updated 11th Dec 2023)

Old short bio

The Fargo Railroad Co. are a southern rock / americana inspired 4 piece band from Sheffield, UK.
Established in 2013 they have already gathered a loyal fan base and continue to add to their numbers playing shows throughout the UK.
What is clear is that these boys enjoy being on stage and love playing the music they are producing.
They share a distinct and united love of music with a breadth of appreciation that is truly eclectic – all of this has come together to form their current sound, which has settled in the broad and deep ocean of Southern Rock. Looking at the mighty works of Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band, ’38 Special etc, doffing a cap to the sweet 70’s sound of Cash, Young, Dylan whilst bringing in more contemporary vibes of Blackberry Smoke and Jason Isbell.