Mike's 10 Question Showdown

1- What is your name?

Michael George Rowland

2- where were you born?

I was born in chesterfield, they knocked the hospital down shortly after I was born. Take from that what you will.

3- What is your favorite piece of gear and why?

That's a hard one, probably Vera my guitar. She was the first guitar I made. She heavy but she just sounds great.

although I really like Red too... (the holey one)

4- What are your musical influences?

As a child I listened to a lot of The Who. Then Muse it's probably my next big influence. Then Foo Fighters. Most recent influences are Jason Isbell and Blackberry Smoke.

There are loads though, I grew up with my mum listening to Motown so I love that sound too. That's the stuff that you can't help but bob your head and tap your feet to.

5- What is your favorite album?

Are you serious? I don't know if I can pick one.  The Eagles- Hotel California. Or maybe Foo Fighters- The Colour and The Shape. Possibly Blackberry Smoke- The Whippoorwill. Jason Isbell- Southeastern.

There's a few for you.

6- what's your musical guilty pleasure?

There's no doubt about this one. I love a bit of McFly. Possibly Green Day, although i'm not sure about guilty with that one.

7- The one object you would save in a house fire?

Vera. Oo or maybe my records..?

8- What's your favorite  Fargo song to play?

The Well. If I'm struggling to get into a set that is the song that settles me. It's so powerful.

9-  Funniest/weirdest moment on stage?

Probably playing at Ynot Festival last year. We played  saloon bar. The bar steadily started to fill as we got going then all of a sudden in burst Tinkywinky, Dipsy, La la and Po. They stay having a party at the front of the stage. Then we noticed folks doing "horse races" on bar stools. If that wasn't enough the Telly Tubbies we're joined by Bananas in pyjamas. That really did tip the scale into weird.

We still laugh about that every now and again.

10- Chocolate or Kebab? Beer or Wine?

That's tough. If i said all would that be cheating? Er, Chocolate and Red Wine. No, Beer... er Both?